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Everything You Need to Know About

CicloSDias San Diego

Want to participate in CicloSDias? Below you’ll find everything you’ll need to know to jump in and enjoy the event!

When is CicloSDias?

CicloSDias San Diego will take place on Sunday, October 27, 2019 from 10:00AM until 3:00PM. Since the event takes place so close to Halloween weekend, there will surely be costumes along the route. Everyone is encouraged to preview their Halloween best!

Where is CicloSDias?


  • Bookend at Adams Ave at Hamilton (~2602 Adams).  [email protected] open to traffic.
  • East on Adams Ave to 30th Street
  • Right on 30th to Monroe Street
  • Bookend at Monroe at 30th (~4502 30th Street).  [email protected] 30th to be open to traffic.
  • Continue on Adams Avenue East to Vista Street 
  • Right on Vista Street, head South on Vista to Monroe Ave.  *Traffic on Westbound Adams Ave can turn right onto Vista.
  • Left on Monroe to Van Dyke Ave
  • Right on Van Dyke Avenue to Meade Ave
  • Left on Meade to 44th Street
  • Right on Meade to El Cajon Blvd.
  • Bookend at 44th Street at El Cajon Blvd (~4302 44th Street).  El Cajon Blvd to be open to traffic.

The route will be continuous through Adams Avenue and City Heights and includes hundreds of businesses for you to discover and explore. Participants can, walk, ride, stroll, skate and shop in a counterclockwise direction that is free-flowing and at a low rate of speed. Entry to the route is also free-flowing meaning access to the route is available at any intersection during the event hours of 10am-3pm.

Road Closures

In addition to the road closures for the route itself, side streets along the route will also be affected. Expect soft closures of roads one block off the route on either side.

Periodic Crossings

In order to accommodate residents, businesses, places of worship and to minimize any disruption, there will be periodic crossings along the route. These crossings will allow traffic to cross at designated spots along the CicloSDias route.

Periodic Crossings (per MTS request):

  • Meade at 43rd Street
  • Meade at Fairmount

Additional Periodic Crossings:

  • Utah and Adams
  • Kennsington and Adams
  • 35th and Adams
  • Open lane of traffic and periodic crossing for cars entering/ exiting the 15 at Adams.

Hub Locations CicloSDias

Hub Locations CicloSDias – More information coming soon!

Hubs are spots along the route for participants to stop and take a look around. Hubs will have information stations, CicloSDias merchandise available for purchase, bike repair, portable toilets and other offerings. Check out the News and Event page for a list of “Day Of” happenings.

Route Map

Click here for the Route Map

What People Are Saying

“Last year we had 50,000 people come out on the first day, [this year] we’re easily double that, it is just incredibly exciting. You look at the faces of people, it just completely captures the enthusiasm, the excitement, the wonder, of using our streets a little differently.”

Janette Sadik-Kahn, New York DOT Commissioner