Safety + Rules

Enjoy a Safe CicloSDias!

CicloSDias provides the chance for participants to enjoy a fun day connecting with fellow San Diegans and exploring neighborhoods whole new way.

CicloSDias works hard to provide a safe and secure environment for all participants. By familiarizing yourself with the following information, you can help to make this first ever CicloSDias a safe and fun event for everyone.


  • Timing Your Trip

    Share the Road: Cars are not allowed at CicloSDias, but any other form of non-motorized transportation is. Be aware of how people around you are traveling—biking, walking, skating, etc.—and respect their right to the road.

  • Bike Rules

    Please check out this link from the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition to learn about general bike rules.

  • Speed

    Maintain a safe speed at all times during CicloSDias. Stay on the proper side of the road, biking or skating with the flow of traffic.

  • Car Traffic

    Police and transit officers will be at crossing intersections to monitor the flow of CicloSDias and car traffic.

  • Not for Inexperienced Riders

    CicloSDias is not an ideal place to teach a child, or an adult, how to ride a bike due to the heavy flow of bike and pedestrian traffic. While we encourage participants of all ages and skill levels, we strongly suggest that children and all participants learn the basics of bike riding before participating on the CicloSDias route. Fortunately, the event offers great opportunities for walking and other non-bike travel.

  • Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel

    The San Diego Police Department provides a strong security presence at CicloSDias. In addition, there are emergency medical technicians roaming the route. In case of an accident, go to the nearest Hub to report it to CicloSDias staff. If you are between Hubs, look for the nearest uniformed officer or responder, or CicloSDias staff member. If you notice any suspicious activity or a suspicious package, immediately report it to the nearest CicloSDias staff member or uniformed officer. Remember, “see something, say something.”

 At CicloSDias, the safety and well being of our participants is our primary concern. We work closely with the City of San Diego and with the San Diego Police Department to provide as safe and secure an environment as possible. We also partner with other local agencies who provide additional security elements along the route and at public transit locations.

  • Contact Staff

    CicloSDias staff can be identified by the CicloSDias t-shirt that says Staff on the back. Staff members can assist with you with finding the answers to questions and with helping to find the right person to respond to emergencies. Most likely, the staff person will contact a Hub or Route Marshall for answers or assistance. If you are missing a member of your party, have been in a minor accident or have been part of an incident, please contact the nearest CicloSDias Hub or staff member. This is often the fastest way to ensure police officers or emergency personnel respond to the situation rapidly and effectively.

Rules of the Road

What People Are Saying

“Last year we had 50,000 people come out on the first day, [this year] we’re easily double that, it is just incredibly exciting. You look at the faces of people, it just completely captures the enthusiasm, the excitement, the wonder, of using our streets a little differently.”

Janette Sadik-Kahn, New York DOT Commissioner