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See what everyone is saying about the positive influence CicloSDias has had on their communities.

"Last year we had 50,000 people come out on the first day, [this year] we’re easily double that. It is just incredibly exciting. You look at the faces of people, it just completely captures the enthusiasm, the excitement, the wonder, of using our streets a little differently."

Janette Sadik-Khan, New York DOT Commissioner

"Every day should be Summer Streets day - a great way to see the city! When you get the cars out of the way, it shows people what can be done when you put the streets to other uses ... It’s quiet and peaceful and wonderful. I’ve got my kids right here and I’m not paranoid that they’re going to be run over by a car .... 4-1/2 miles of fun, connecting two neighborhoods that have never been connected before - People are friendlier, people are less stressed out - the most awesome thing New York has ever done."

New York Summer Streets participants

"I loved working on 8th Street with the Traffic Officers and they were AWESOME too! They loved the fact that we really worked as a TEAM!!!! I mean it was amazing!"

New York Summer Streets participants

"People want to take over the streets, people want to have fun, people want to meet as equals, and this develops a sense of belonging!"

Gil Peñalosa, former Parks Commissioner, Bogota, Colombia

"Merchants wanted Sunday Streets in their neighborhood, because the crowds drawn to Sunday Streets buy things and patronize local businesses. We altered our routes to include merchant corridors per request of several Merchant Associations."

San Francisco 2009 Sunday Streets Report

"It’s been another vibrant success, most importantly, just the spirit and energy of folks that come up to you and say, why don’t we do this every week?"

Former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom

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